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UX/UI Design

I’m a UX/UI Designer that’s passionate about digital user experiences and the design of it. I enjoy studying users reactions to products and creating UI/UX product solutions.

I have been a Graphic Designer for 10 years after earning my AA in Graphic Design from FIDM. I am looking for my next journey as a UX Product Designer after being a student at UC Irvine UX/UI Bootcamp, which I will be graduating from in October 2021. My hope is to work with a collaborative team where we solve a variety of products problems so they can be successful for its users.

01 Find Your Anchor: Redesign Website for Gaining Retention

On a team of 3 UX/UI Designers, we saw an opportunity to help this non-profit organization feature their box to get users to spread suicide prevention awareness. We solved this by redesigning the homepage to highlight the box and how to get or receive it.

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 5.51.43 PM.png


United States Department of Agriculture
User Research for Restructuring Website for Farmers

Page coming soon

Vegetable Farm
Waiting Area


Process at DMV with Mobile App

(Page coming soon) We saw an opportunity to make the DMV experience smooth for the user as many of us have pains of going in-person as it takes up your time. We solved this by creating an app where the user can cut down their time spent at the DMV after filling out forms online by checking in to get in line through the app from miles away and getting notified of when to come in person to complete their DMV task.

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